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Flora enables food and beverage companies to produce healthier and more sustainable products without compromising on taste or texture

Flora can be incorporated into a wide variety of food products.

MICROTERRA_V9_HQ(1min version) (2).gif
Large crystals
Creamier & less grainy

Drastic improvements in ice cream with just 0.4% inclusion rate

Check out our case study here 

Potentiates sweetness
Allows sugar reduction
Enhances Flavor
Reduces flavor costs
Masks Off-notes
Masks unwanted flavors
Improves Mouthfeel
Provides better texture
Clean label ingredient
Additive free labels
"Our commitment to creating healthy and environmentally friendly products creates huge challenges when formulating. FLORA changed the game for us. It's sustainable, enhances flavor, and improves texture. All while keeping the label short and clean. We haven't found a similar ingredient in the market."

Elias & Alberto Mussali,

Founders of BowlBar

Introducing Flora

Contact us to learn more about Flora

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