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Our food system is


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The agrifood system is responsible for 1/3 of global GHG emissions

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Agriculture uses over 70% of the world’s fresh water



Half of all livable land on Earth is used for agriculture

Our key source

Lemna is a tiny but remarkable aquatic plant that has the unique ability to clean water as it grows, simultaneously producing valuable compounds, that we then extract to create functional ingredients.

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1kg of

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Avoids contaminating 165 m3 of water

Equivalent to over 1,000 bathtubs

Removes more than 21 kg of CO2eq

Equivalent to 90 km driven by an average gasoline-powered passanger vehicle

We are rethinking how food is produced

Water cleaning process

Proprietary extraction

Greenhouse Wastewater

Lemna Growth Systems

FLORA _ The taste & feel ingredient_edit

B2B Sales

Clean Label Products

We clean water while developing better ingredients and creating circular solutions to improve our food systems. We stop pollution at the source, upcycling nutrients into ingredients that improve people’s health.

1 hectare of our Lemna growth system removes 58kg of Nitrogen daily, equivalent to 250 kg of CO2eq

That equates to over 90,000 kg of CO2eq each year per hectare of lemna we cultivate.

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As we scale our business, we scale our impact


SDG 3:

Plant-based ingredients to feed the world growing population.


SDG 6:

Conserve and protect freshwater resources around the farm.


SDG 14:

Prevent dangerous nutrient levels in the ocean and stop marine pollution.

We're pioneering a new era of sustainable food systems by harnessing the cleansing power of Lemna. We have developed a fully circular value chain that includes everything from cleaning water by upcycling Lemna to producing innovative ingredients that improve people’s health. This ensures that our business model fully aligns with the social and environmental outcomes we aim to achieve. 

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