Affordable, scalable and sustainable plant-based protein

How it works

Sustainable, as we grow it in aquafarms, stopping nitrogen and phosphorous runoff.


Affordable, as we use a sharing economy approach, thus having attractive unit economics.

Scalable, as we are building on existing infrastructure, thus growing without scaling CAPEX.



SDG 2:
Plant-based protein to feed the fish and the world growing population.


SDG 6:
Conserve and protect freshwater resources around the farm.


SDG 14:
Prevent dangerous nutrient levels in the ocean and stop marine pollution.

Our solution benefits the environment, people and the economy

Original technological synergies: 

Reduction of nutrient pollution, protecting aquatic ecosystems.

Increased quality of animal feed due to lemna protein concentrate.

Reduction of greenhouse gases

by replacing unsustainable protein.

Increased water availability due to reduced water consumption of the agro-industry.

Extra revenue stream for the farmer by cultivating lemna. 

Enabling the adoption of more sustainable aquaculture methods.

Circular Economy: Upcycle nutrient pollution to produce plant-based protein

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We are located in Mexico.