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Our mission is to create sustainable food ingredients through Circular Economy


We are creating functional ingredients


We're passionate about circular economy and believe we can revolutionize the way we approach water management and food production.

Our impact

We're pioneering a new era of sustainable food systems by harnessing the cleansing power of Lemna. This remarkable aquatic plant has the unique ability to clean water while simultaneously producing valuable functional ingredients such as pectin, functional fiber, and more.

SDG 2:

Plant-based ingredients to feed the world growing population.


SDG 6:

Conserve and protect freshwater resources around the farm.


SDG 14:

Prevent dangerous nutrient levels in the ocean and stop marine pollution.

The sustainability challenge

Agriculture is the leading cause of water pollution worldwide.

Excessive agricultural nutrients, , the largest water pollutant globally,  causes eutrophication—a harmful condition where bodies of water become overloaded with nutrients. This leads to harmful algae blooms that block sunlight, deplete oxygen, and harm aquatic life, degrading ecosystems.

We believe that nature holds the key to solving some of the most pressing challenges we face today.

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